Sitemap - 2023 - Life of Fiction

Double or Nothing

Morning Coffee 11 : I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas. We did, despite being sick.

Pee in a Bottle

Morning Coffee 10 : There Are Still Good People In This World. This Week Proves It. Thank You.

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Day Nine

Morning Coffee 9 : Words Are Our Most Important Tools. How Are We Using Them?

Trail of Blood

Invite your friends to read Life of Fiction

Morning Coffee 8 : A Perfect Session? Zero Edits? What does that mean for my week??

Mr. Nishant

Thoughts and Chances, December 2023

Morning Coffee 7 : Dangerous Shower Curtains, Apple Sucks, Books Are Coming & So Is Willy Wonka!

Castle Andilain

My Baby Dragons Coloring Book

Morning Coffee 6 : Puke and Patient Puppies Position Perspectives Perfectly

Day Three

When People Die Around You, Put the ‘Fun’ Back Into Funeral Homes

Morning Coffee 5 : Holidays, Relationships, and What You Value

How to Lose

Episode #16: The End. What I've Learned, What Will Change, & What To Look Forward To!

The last coffee avatar makes me look wayyyy too old. I can fix that.

Morning Coffee 4 : Changes to the podcast, writing, and social media, cause I don't wanna.

Mr. Keeley

What's YOUR story?

Morning Coffee 3 : New Milestone, New Book, New Show w/Jordan Peterson

Day Two

Guess what's COMING SOON?!?

Episode #15: What is your favorite fictional world?

The JOY of being MY child. Maybe.

Morning Coffee 2 : Clouds, Roosters & Devil Dogs because we're having fun

Episode #14: Why Do We LOVE Fiction So Much?


A sign that a wonderful goal is NOT a wonderful goal

Morning Coffee: HAHAHA, this might have been a bad idea.

Episode #13: Finding Clarity By Getting Out Of Your Own Head

Day One

Resistance Against The Sucker Punch

An Important Message from our Executive Marketing Director, DEATH

The Job

The Chase

Episode #12: Marketing, Traditional Methods Don't Work, And Why In-Yer-Facebook Can Go Punt

When Amazon Rejects Documented Proof

Episode #11: Publishing on Amazon. You can't fix stupid.

How To Achieve Your Goals This Year

Episode #10: Diversity is BS. Write Your Own !@#!! Story

DEMONI VANKIL is being...uhhhh.

VIDEO: Help Me Design A Book Cover

DEMONI VANKIL is being published!

Episode #9: The Wheel of Time, Responsibility, Accountability & How We Find Our Value

Demoni Vankil - Epilogue

Episode #8: The Wheel of Time, Christianity, Roles in Families & Why Amazon's Version Sucks So Bad


Höbin's Last Discovery

Episode #7: WHY Can't We Just Talk About Disney? (family chat)

BREAKING NEWS: Secret Project Reveal

Beautiful People Art Submission

Demoni Vankil - Letter Fourteen

Demoni Vankil - Letter Thirteen

Episode #6: Change Your Words To Change Your Success

...And The WINNER Is?!??

Demoni Vankil - Letter Twelve

Demoni Vankil - Letter Eleven

Episode #5: Interview with Wendell P. Dipmier

Chronicles of a Hero phone wallpapers

WH Comic #13: The Truth of Lies


WH Comic #11: BOOKWORM

WH Comic #10: ...Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

WH Comic #9: It's ALIVE!


WH Comic #7: Jump Start, Part Two

The Idea Behind Wendell

WH Comic #6: Jump Start, Part One

WH Comic #5: The Wendell Must Die!!

Demoni Vankil - Letter Ten

Demoni Vankil - Letter Nine

Episode #4: 25 Articles in 24 Hours - What I Learned

The Results Are Gifts for You =)

Demoni Vankil - Letter Eight

Demoni Vankil - Letter Seven

Help me create new covers for the next series!

Episode #3 Law of Dominion

WH Comic #4: Something Wicked This Way Comes

WH Comic #3: Sticks & Stones

WH Comic #2: OOPS!

WH Comic #1: Premiere Issue

The Law of Dominion

Demoni Vankil - Letter Six

Demoni Vankil - Letter Five

Episode #2 How to Find Unlimited Fictional Fun Every July

Summer Camp: Ready, Set,….PANIC!

Inner Circle

Demoni Vankil - Letter Four

Demoni Vankil - Letter Three

Stories available on Life of Fiction

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Episode #1 How Fiction Has Changed, Wheel of Time, and Disney's Gone to Sh-t

Trial and Error: The Quest for Success

ART: Eamon & Family from Demoni Vankil

Demoni Vankil - Letter Two

Demoni Vankil - Letter One

Episode #0 Jaime Buckley Unleashed: The Podcast No One Asked For

Where Gods, Demons, and a Janitor Named ‘Bob’ Compete

When to burn it all down and how to rise from the ashes

Discover the 700 year old secret millions died to protect.

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OMG(osh), This Is Better Than I Hoped!

How to Succeed at Fiction By Failing: Part Three

Return & Report: Because you didn't ask, but I should tell

How to Succeed at Fiction By Failing: Part Two

How to Succeed at Fiction By Failing: Part One

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