Life of Fiction
Life of Fiction
Episode #1 How Fiction Has Changed, Wheel of Time, and Disney's Gone to Sh-t
Episode #1 How Fiction Has Changed, Wheel of Time, and Disney's Gone to Sh-t
Live conversation with Asia Bailey

[Intro/Outro Music: ‘Marco’ over at Fiverr. I highly recommend using his gig if you need a custom Intro/Outro for your podcast.]

Today was an experiment of available technology vs opportunity. A shout out to Asia Bailey, for her incredible patience and focus while we were forced to perform this interview in the center of my home. We were surrounded by children and grandchildren, interrupted every few minutes and a constant distraction in the background.

The final result took hours of editing and adjusting sound levels. My hope is that you can imagine sitting with us on the couch and listen to this conversation.

The Episode

I wanted to ask Asia five main questions:

  • How do you think fiction, as a genre, has changed over your lifetime?

  • How has the consumption of fiction books changed?

  • How do you find the books you enjoy?

  • What genre’s do you enjoy the most?

  • Do you have a favorite author or book/series you’d recommend to listeners?

The conversation was wonderful, filled with smiles and laughter, at times frustration with the world and it’s turns, but overall lovely. It’s always nice to get the insights of a fellow lover of fiction. Hope you enjoy the episode.

We’d love to hear what you have to say about the subjects we talked about!

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Life of Fiction

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