Life of Fiction
Life of Fiction
Episode #10: Diversity is BS. Write Your Own !@#!! Story

Episode #10: Diversity is BS. Write Your Own !@#!! Story

Hanging out with my friends, I got a bit passionate about others pushing their view on writers and why people should stop pulling a ‘Disney’ on creatives.

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Why is it that other people have to alter and pervert the works of creatives? Doesn’t matter what their life-view happens to be, or how they live their life…why do they have to ruin the works of others? 

I believe it’s because their own creative ability is so weak, they cannot make their points through their own stories.

I’d like MORE stories to be told, not less. 

From everyone

That’s what I did back in 2005 when I started selling digital comic books in PDF form. When I made my very first sale, it was such a big deal…I remember the reader. When she bought the Premiere Issue, I remember thinking:

WH Comic #1

If one person would be interested in what I create, why not two? Why not ten, a hundred, or a thousand?

This episode is about the freedom to create what you want, for who you want, without others getting in your way.


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Life of Fiction
Life of Fiction
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