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Life of Fiction
Episode #8: The Wheel of Time, Christianity, Roles in Families & Why Amazon's Version Sucks So Bad

Episode #8: The Wheel of Time, Christianity, Roles in Families & Why Amazon's Version Sucks So Bad

WARNING: This episode is so %$#$#!!! good, but overflowing with spoilers. You've been warned.

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Spending time with my own children is one of my favorite pastimes. They’re intelligent, well read, good company…and the conversations always make a great podcast.

Today was a special treat, because I don’t get to have as many conversations with my oldest son as I’d like to. We used to do a podcast called “Life Is Like Fiction” with a live version on Twitch years ago, but he’s a busy man now.

When I asked him to talk with me about his #1 favorite book series of all time, The Wheel of Time, he found the time. The conversation was fantastic, though a great deal of editing was required after the fact, mainly cutting out traffic noises.

The conversation covers a lot of ground and some subjects we are both passionate about — which is why I cut it into two parts — the second being posted next week.

For those who have never read the Wheel of Time, I want to give you fair warning: Evan and I talk about the whole series freely. This podcast is ONE BIG SPOILER. I still suggest buying and reading the books, or taking the second route (like me) and get the audiobooks through Audible. You can buy any version you like by clicking on the button below.

BUY: The Wheel of Time books

New Transcript Feature

I’m loving the new transcript addon to this Substack, and want to make sure to point out the option. It’s not perfect, but it’s still fun and impressive, if you’d like to follow along with the audio.

Just click the ‘transcript’ tab near the audio…

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You’ll be able to read the podcast in the BETA version of the tool.

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Evan as much as I did.


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Life of Fiction
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