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Turn. Run Away.

I would be a horrible, dishonest person if I didn’t warn you here and now about the dangers of associating with a personality like mine.

People are gonna talk.

Being here may cause you to question your own sanity. The posts are created for enticing you to have a conversation (I am pro-dragon no matter WHAT you say). It almost scares me that you’re here. Why are you reading what I have to offer, when you probably have more important things to do…like take a nap?

That being said, I have every intention to tempt you with creative lies (regular writers call them ‘stories’), to grab your attention and get you addicted to my company. For in the end, I will befriend you.


It’s true.

My obsession is to make new friends and spoon feed them stories pulled from the deepest recesses of my soul. That, or my gut…after a rough night from eating bad Mexican food.

I will YANK that bandaid of reality off your knee without emotion.
Okay, I may smile while doing it.

…just a little.

Last chance, cupcake. Run.

Jaime Buckley's Wanted Hero comics
These are my original comics that started my exposure to the public. They are now available here, with your membership.

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Ever since I created my first comic book and sold it online as a PDF, I knew this would be the death of me. Not that it would actually kill me, but that I’d want to do it for the rest of my life. Writing stories for you.

Yes, you.

Characters and creatures scratching at the back of my mind, bubbling up from my inkwell, trying to escape. There are times when the voices in my head are so loud, my wife, walking through room will stop and ask, “Did you say something, dear?”

Yeah, it’s that bad.

Don’t look at me like that.

Told you to run, you didn’t listen.

Might as well subscribe. Doesn’t cost a penny.

My writing here centers around my fictional world of WANTED:HERO. I’ve been helping other people bring their dreams to life since 1986 as a cartoonist. Some famous, most not-so-famous. Now I’m working on my own dreams.

In 2004 I started my stories as comics. By 2011 those stories transformed into novels. Then in 2022, I pulled the plug on everything.

I was tired of platforms taking the lion’s share of the profits & hackers redirecting links on my site sending kids to porn. Marketing frustrates me, spending hundreds of hours making content for SEO, only to be whisked aside by someone with a fatter wallet.

Don’t get me started with social media.

I don’t want to play those games anymore.

So I started over.

Life of Fiction is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Life of Fiction is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Life of Fiction is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

My subscriptions exist for the benefit of my readers.

Höbin Luckyfeller at the Roadkill Tavern

We live in a publishing market that rewards the new over everything else. New books, discovering new readers, and new opportunities. Life of Fiction is a place that gives me the opportunity to put you first — because you make doing what I love possible.

In an industry where publishers, platforms, and advertising eat into most of the revenue authors make from their books. Having subscriptions allows me to build a sustainable business model. It allows me to create more and better experiences for everyone, whether you are a paid subscriber or not.

By having a space where we can enjoy a direct connection on the internet, I always vow to put Readers First and shape the future of this membership together.

Thank you for supporting me, and thank you for being a part of my story as one of my readers.

Can’t afford $7 a month? Contact me.

I offer ‘hardship scholarships’, as well as deep discounts for those who serve (first responders and military). Just email me at and let me know what you can afford, and we’ll work around that.

Oh, and momdad? I’m also a homeschooling father — so I have your back too.

Seriously, contact me. I want to make life better, not harder.

I’d Like To Show You The Future

Jaime Buckley's Wanted Hero cover page with 50 characters

Take a few minutes and pop over to and take a look at the fantasy world I’ve been building. I’m just one person and it’s far from done, but I’d like you to see the future.

What you’ll find there is a wikipedia-on-cocaine version of what I’m putting in story form, for you, here.

I hope you’ll join me.

Look forward to chatting and getting to know you better =)

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