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Life of Fiction
Episode #16: The End. What I've Learned, What Will Change, & What To Look Forward To!
Episode #16: The End. What I've Learned, What Will Change, & What To Look Forward To!
It's the end, yes, but only of the first season. In today's episode I'll share what's coming and how working on Substack was the best choice I could have made in the last 20 years.

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One of the ways I know it’s likely I’m on the right course, is if everything tries to stop me. That’s when I have to smile…even at 4:35am.

In this episode I go over what I’ve learned over the last 22 weeks. Writing, podcasting, and utilizing the tools and platforms I have access to, specifically Substack. Things that I like and things I don’t like, allowing me to discover what the next steps are in this evolving Life of Fiction experiment.

A great deal has been accomplished, and that includes two publications you might not be aware of. The first, of course, is Höbin Luckyfeller’s DEMONI VANKIL. If you’re interested in the digital version (I have a version for every eReader), you can get that directly from me, HERE. If you want the printed version, you can use THIS LINK (it’s an affiliate link to Amazon, just FYI).

The second, less known publication is the Wanted Hero Collector’s Edition…the complete black and white comic books from 2005 to 2006. That 378 pages of comics, which you get in print for the first time in 17 years!

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Thanks for Listening, and Remember:

You are MORE than you THINK you are!

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Life of Fiction

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