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Morning Coffee 31: Happy Birthday Jon-Boy, Simon K Jones & Wanted Hero Day. Oh, and we're switching to Serial format!

WOW--every thing that CAN go wrong HAS gone wrong this morning!!


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So this is how it should be — using the ‘video’ setup option. I guess?

I’m sorry this is SO late today…here’s what’s happened so far…and I’m posting this AS I RUN OUT THE DOOR.

  • 3:45am get up, get coffee, go to office to set up for video

  • 3:57am start video

  • 4:45am daughter calls from hospital…she’s in labor! Wife is up now, dressing, goes out the door.

  • 5:04am wife calls,…something wrong with van. Lights on we haven’t seen before. I tell her to get to the hospital, we’ll deal with van after.

  • 5:11am wife calls, van died….she’s stranded on side of road, still 20 miles from hospital. No worries, will grab Grandma’s car…On my way!

  • 5:16am Call wife back…grandma’s car battery is dead. We don’t have a third option, …let me call Ondi (best friend).

  • 5:40am Ondi and I pull up to wife in dead van, try jumping the van — but it dies when cables are pulled from van (battery is toast)

  • 5:49 Ondi hands my wife his car keys. “Get to the hospital, we’ll figure this out.” (Did I tell you how awesome my friends are?) I kiss wife and send her off.

  • 6:03am Ondi’s wife picks us up and they drive me home. I continue editing this video…

  • 6:25am Kids need me….mom’s gone, so I’m dad AND mom.

  • 6:50am Back to editing.

  • 6:57am Wife calls…delivery many bringing us our new shed is lost. Can I walk down the road and make sure he sees me? (“Of course…how’s our daughter?” “No baby yet.”)

  • 7:35am Delivery truck is a semi and can’t get down my small dirt road driveway. Massive package has to be unloaded onto the pallet jack (am I spelling this right) and dragged UP hill over gravel, to my home.

  • 8:20am My new shed is on my driveway, ready to be built. Thanked the AMAZING driver for not giving up. Great guy.

  • 8:24am Return to editing this video…still not mad…ZERO swear words have been used in the making of this post. =)

  • 8:30am Kids need me, but my teen daughters are freaking amazing…the house is running on schedule.

  • 8:45am Back to editing.

  • 9:30am Editing done. Upload…….please work……

  • 9:31am Ondi calls….schedules when we can connect after his workday to get new battery.

  • 9:35am Call mechanic friend, Kevin (best mechanic in the freakin’ world). Explain what’s happened. He says, “Let me make some phone calls and call you right back.)

  • 9:48am Present….typing this up, and hoping Kevin gets back to me with good news.

THIS is what happens…not all the time, bit this isn’t out of the ordinary for us. I’m usually frustrated, but today I feel peace…because this whole serial writing thing, is the path I’m supposed to take.

I believe this will allow me to be the very best ME, to deliver my very best to YOU.


Today we go forward and if you’re willing to assist me if/when you can, I’m hoping to truly build Life of Fiction into a mega-fiction wonderland.

…seriously, I’m giggling just thinking about it right now!

I want to know what YOU think:


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