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Morning Coffee 36: New Glasses, Coffee Memes, and WorldAnvil is getting a Substack Button!

Special thanks to Victoria and Deleyna for the suggestion of a substack button =).


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Please, June, just back off these last two weeks…I need more tiiiiime.

Obligations. Business. Unexpected variables.

WHY THE HECK DOES EVERYONE WANT TO GET MARRIED IN JUNE?!??, no. Sorry. I want you to be happy. Be in love. Make cute little babies and train them not to make other people hate them…but did you all have to do this in June?

THIS year?


Okay…I can do this.

Oh, flip. Chickens…have to build a chicken pen today, Jujitsu tomorrow and Thursday.

…someone tell me it’s all a bad dream.

I can do this.

I can do this.

I can do this.

…I should have made coffee.

How are YOU this morning:


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