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Morning Coffee 39: Happy Rebellion Day, Steak, Evan, Peeing on Minivans, & Joseph Vickery.

This is WHY it's called 'Life of Fiction'...because people don't believe this stuff actually happens. But it's everyday life for ME.


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Here’s the microwave version:

  1. 4th of July was amazing - Tomahawk is my new favorite steak, hands down (Evan is THE best cook,…just sayin’.)

  2. I had to do an emergency pee on the side of the road, which concerned Ruby and embarrassed the heck out of me.

  3. The Underlings, drops tomorrow, Tuesday @ 6am. Episode 1 was well received, averaging much higher than normal posts. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

  4. A special thanks to Joseph Vickery, who donated towards the ink cartridges for my printer. He received the Boundless Journal AND the Dragon Coloring Book (printable PDF),…which YOU can still get both at a substantial discount if you like! [Get 60% off the Boundless Journal if you use the promo: NIVTC7856V - good until July 24th]. His help, and yours, is funding the next project for LoF…an RPG (role playing game, for the whole family!!

  5. This Thursday Life of Fiction the Podcast, we’ll talk with Höbin about his writing career.

  6. Shared the ‘How to Be Popular’ commercial for Chronicles of a Hero.

  7. As always, thanks to Restoration Roastery for offering the best coffee to our community, and being an example of good works, helping women rescued from human trafficking.

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