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Morning Coffee 38: ...we now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.

We are BACK...with a new look, a new story, and a new song!


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Here’s the microwave version of todays video:

  1. It’s July 1st, and I messed up the first complete recording…TAKE TWO!

  2. We have a new song, “WAKE UP!” written by my daughter Jami Taylor, and performed with her little sister, Carley. I loved it so much and the words described Life of Fiction so well, I asked if I could use it as our theme song. VOTE to make it the weekly theme song, or no (poll below).

  3. The Underlings, Season One starts tomorrow, July 2nd, 2024.

  4. Artwork resumes this Wednesday.

  5. This Thursday we resume Life of Fiction the Podcast, Season Three, and we will start with podcasts with Roman and Ruby!

  6. Friday we resume the Wanted Hero story (Chronicles), Season Three!

  7. We have also created some merchandise for The Underlings, which you can find here. Look at some of the goodies we have =)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all those who live in the USA!

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