Life of Fiction
Life of Fiction
S2 Episode #30: BONUS Season Finale - Death Saves Jaime, Season Recap + Future of Publishing

S2 Episode #30: BONUS Season Finale - Death Saves Jaime, Season Recap + Future of Publishing

The future is brighter than you can imagine,...besides a Ravosta trying to eat your face.

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A special thanks to Death (as in THE) for saving my life. For those who have never seen a 2500 carnivorous red-back ape…bring an extra pair of shorts.

This is the last episode for Season Two of Life of Fiction, the podcast, and it’s been a fantastic adventure. I hope you have enjoyed the episodes as much as I did making them. Höbin and I have learned a great deal. How to make podcasts, what we can do, what we can’t, what is out of our control, and how to work with what we have.

It’s all good. We now have a solid starting point for to bring you a better program.

If you have questions, suggests or comments, good OR bad (because we want to improve, so you won’t hurt our feelings), shoot us an email at

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