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Life of Fiction
S2 Episode #22: Simon & The Dragons Chasm Part 2

S2 Episode #22: Simon & The Dragons Chasm Part 2

Simon goes into more detail about the Dragons Chasm, and how the dragons exist within the middle levels of this complex ecosystem.

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This s the second art of my conversation with Simon about the Dragon’s Chasm, plus a few shoutouts.

Finley Greenhopper

In this episode, Simon continues teaching us about the Dragons Chasm — which is under the watchful eye of his own fictional character, Finley Greenhopper.

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The Hero of the Month is someone we want to honor for the positive influence they’ve had on us or others. You haven’t missed this before — it’s new — I forgot to bring that up. This month, February, 2024, our Hero of the Month is Daniel John Buckley…my dad. If there is anything you like about me, or Simon, they had their roots in my father and how he raised me.

Thanks dad. Love you.

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