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NEWS: Kindness Shown Once Again. Thank You!

Received a package from Amazon and my nearly dead mouse has been laid to rest.

Went to check the mail today and discovered a lovely surprise in the parcel box!

Thank you SO much, Ann.

I know it seems silly, that I place odd or such low-priced items on the Amazon supply list, but my family is my priority. Every penny goes to their care. I strive to be a frugal person, and the only thing I tend to ‘splurge’ on, are sudden dates with my wife…because we rarely have the ability to go out together.

So I save, over time, and then get the things I need when I can.

My mouse, which has been wonderful for the past 4+ years, is used nearly every day….and the scrolling wheel stopped working over six months ago.

…this is SO nice to just….scroll.

I have THE best community on Substack =).



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