Life of Fiction
Life of Fiction
Episode #0 Jaime Buckley Unleashed: The Podcast No One Asked For

Episode #0 Jaime Buckley Unleashed: The Podcast No One Asked For

Raw. Naked (figuratively speaking). Honest.

Keeping My Word: Intro / Outro

My personal thanks to ‘Marco’ over at Fiverr, who created the music for my podcast. He is exceptionally talented and his prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend using his gig if you need a custom Intro/Outro for your podcast.

Thank you, Marco!

Microwave Version of Podcast

  • It was good. You’d like it.

  • I introduced myself. Shared a bit of my background, and why I’m here today. Probably rambled on a bit much — but less than usual.

  • This podcast is a tool to connect with you, to get to know you better, without the barrier of corporate platforms between us. That’s a good thing…and you agreed.

  • Introduced WorldAnvil (epic platform for creators).

  • Shared one of my favorite events — WorldAnvil Summer Camp. Talked about giving you a link to explore amazing fictional worlds (here’s that link).

  • Closed by inviting you to join me over at

  • You smiled, cause you loved the show…and you made plans to sign up so you’d get the podcast next week.

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