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I don't have an artistic eye, but I loved it and can't wait to see what you do next!

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Ok just throwing a couple ideas out there.

First off I love the composition and think this will be a great set up for future books and keep them all feeling consistent yet separate which is great.

I like Wendell’s expression the kind of what did I just get myself into expression. Feels very fitting for the first book.

As far as a changing material that could change between books you might consider maybe even integrating that into the vines or wood thing you have for instance when you get to trench wars focused. Books you could change it to a more industrial like maybe even change the shape to square if your feeling crazy.

As far as this one goes. You could always make the Vallen silhouette more imposing but I would keep the waist a similar size to keep that nice triangular composition you have. Also color will add a lot to drawing the eye. All I can say for that is keep complimentary colors in mind and also the 80-20 rule.

This is really good though. I love where this is going.

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YT wouldn't let me leave comments, so I'll put them here. Love it! Great concept, great execution (as always!). My suggestions: make Mahan break out of the oval frame even more. Get that right shoulder way out, or stretch that arm to give it a little more urgency. Also, I'd drop the suggestion of a smile or mouth at all, just to see if that makes him a bit more otherworld-creepy. I like the vines idea to help with the framing.

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