Im glad they’re at least putting it up for observation now. That means you have they’re paying attention.

And no I don’t think your crazy (just in case you were wondering)... ok maybe your a little crazy... but in this scenario.

Here’s hopping it works out this time.

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AHA! I see the problem (being sarcastic...) you are registered as Jaime D. Buckley on one and as Jaime Daniel Buckley on the other. I have actually FOUGHT that battle with Amazon for an author before since their print/epub branches handle the middle initial DIFFERENTLY. (Example Jaime D. is NOT the same person as Jaime ... Daniel...) Ah the joys of Amazon. If we didn't laugh, we'd have to cry, so laughing it off is the best option. Good luck. Be tenacious and you WILL win this. And then I'll be able to buy my autographed hardcover with the copy of the extra letter!!!

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