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Life of Fiction
S2 Episode #24: The Truth About Moving To The Roadkill Tavern

S2 Episode #24: The Truth About Moving To The Roadkill Tavern

Now that Höbin and I are in a protected environment, we can solve some mysteries and get to the bottom of forming lies and deception around us.

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Roadkill Tavern sign

A Special Thanks to Morphiophelius Smith (a.k.a. Chuck) who has personally covered our production costs for the rest of Season 2.

In this episode, Jaime explains the move to the Roadkill Tavern, why the move was made and the experiences that prompted the initial conversation. Jaime also goes over the reason truth is so critical — especially for the world we live in — and gives a personal experience of dishonesty rearing its ugly head this week in the community (see show notes below).

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Dishonesty Harms Trust & Your Reputation

I go over this in the podcast, but I felt this important enough to post screen shots for more information. This week I received a request from a supposed member of our community, named Sean McNulty, to follow his substack. That request isn’t uncommon, but I don’t believe Sean (or the bot) was honest. This communication was to get a follow, without a relationship or exchange of value.

Here are the screenshots. You tell me if this would earn YOUR trust and/or respect.

The original email
This is the original email sent to me.
Sean didnt participate
Sean never opened a single email, until he wanted something.
sean didnt comment either
Maybe Sean left comments instead of opening emails? Nope. Not a single interaction with Life of Fiction.
sean and his cohorts
Seans actions tainted my potential trust in those who associate with him under the same substack banner. I won’t follow any of them and recommend against them.

Could this have been different?


All it takes is honesty and minimal effort.

Sean exposed his real intent: to get something for nothing (a very common tactic in our world and online). He doesn’t have to say anything…his ‘fruits’ (actions) speak for him.

That’s not how I try to grow this community. Sean’s email was deleted. You now have screen shots to avoid him and his cohorts if they approach you. Our email list is purged regularly, cutting out those who don’t really want to be here.

…which is perfectly okay.

Life of Fiction is made for those who want it. Those who want to interact with ME.

It’s really that simple.

I’m not on Substack for politics, weight loss, or food (though food’s pretty awesome *cough* *Andrew Zimmern’s Spilled Milk rocks* *cough*).

…I’m here to tell stories specifically about my Wanted Hero world.

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