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Morning Coffee 33: It's WANTED HERO DAY, which means GIFTS FOR YOU!

...and Happy Birthday to Matthew Jones of Restoration Roastery.


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Wanted Hero Day is May 27th. It’s my birthday and the designated day to do something fun for the readers of Wanted Hero…

That means YOU!

Helping me this year, is Matt Jones from: Restoration Roastery who donated a number of bags of coffee, freshly roasted, to be sent to the most active members of our community…both free and paid. WOULD YOU PLEASE TAKE SOME SELFIES WITH THE COFFEE AND SEND THEM TO ME? You certainly don’t have t, but I hope you will. Thanks =)

Restoration Roastery
By papering yourself, you contribute to the care and restoration of women who have been rescued from human trafficking.

Do You Like To Color?

Here are some coloring pages. These are standard 8.5” x 11” coloring pages. Download them (right click and ‘Save As’), print them out, and enjoy!

Do You Like Wallpapers?

Here are some wallpapers to use on your laptops, iPads and Desktops. Again, just right click and ‘Save As’…

Here is a wallpaper for your phone, if, like me, you looooove coffee. This is a picture taken by Matt Jones of Restoration Roastery.

MORE good news….

I’ve been hired to do Peggy Rowe’s new book cover…mother of Mike Rowe, from ‘Dirty Jobs’. If you son’t know who Mike is (yet), here are two videos I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Life of Fiction NEWS:

  1. Season 2 of Wanted Hero ends this week.

  2. I will be taking a full month break, so Season 3 of Wanted Hero will start again on July 5th 2024.

  3. There will still be publications each week, likely morning coffee and artwork, OR something else…but the rest of the week will be for me to work overtime on various projects for you. These will kick in when Season 3 starts up again.

OH, OHHHH, and remember….

You are MORE than you THINK you are!

That’s it.

That’s all I have.

Go home now. I have writing to do….(wink)

Let me know what YOU think:


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